Investment Opportunity


  • The most advanced form of simple in single-family rental (SFR) development.
  • Heyday develops SFR homes that live and feel like a traditional single-family home, but with all benefits and efficiencies of apartment living.

Targeted Opportunity

  • Ever-increasing demographic of Baby Boomers who are approaching, or have initiated, retirement, and are downsizing; and
  • Millennials and Generation Z choosing to rent for affordability, saving for a home, preferred lifestyle, etc.

Our Edge

  • Programmatic and systematic approach to development.
  • Acute focus on data and design.

Site Selection & Underwriting

  • Predictive underwriting utilizing geotargeting intelligence, real estate data pipelines and predictive algorithms.
  • Efficient and higher probability in underwriting to maximize market rents, operations, and increase deal flow.

Kit-of-Parts Design

  • Standardization of units, buildings, assemblies, materials, and specs.
  • Efficiency and repetition in design that systemizes construction.

Systemize Construction

  • Reduce costs through replication and purchasing power.
  • Accelerated build schedules.
  • Greater predictability and certainty on build times, quality, and costs.

Marketing & Branding

  • Granular, data-driven approach to digital marketing and leasing.
  • Consistent messaging replicated from market to market reaching our target demographic.


  • Automated rent comp analysis, market-driven pricing & revenue management.
  • Optimize pricing, expenses, revenue management.

The Objective

  • Efficiency, replicability and predictability to maximize resident retention and grow a resilient revenue stream poised to produce durable double-digit investment returns.

Target Markets (Phase 1)

  • Suburban communities in Chicago, Illinois, the Twin Cities of Minnesota and Madison & Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Capital Partners

  • Retail, private equity and family offices looking to grow a class A, SFR portfolio in the Midwest.

Project Returns

  • Minimum 20%+ IRRs and 2.25x equity multiples.

GP Fund

  • Heyday has raised a $50 million GP fund to fill a development pipeline of entitled shovel ready SFR sites in
    Phase 1 target markets.